About Us

Shamood Daily Use Products Co., Ltd is a manufacturer of the world-class air care products manufacturer headquartered in China. Shamood is specialized Car and Home Air Freshener manufacturer with more than 15 years' experience. Our integrated manufacturing processes allows us in providing best quality products and keeping it consistent.

We have an 18,000sq. m factory in which the production capacity can exceed 150,000 units per day. As to quality assurance, shamood has international certifications including ISO9001, WCA, REACH, and BSCI. Shamood's product quality and excellent service have been praised by the company's customers from Europe, North and South America, and allowed to build strong business relationships with world renowned brands.

Our Idelology

Shamood gradually grows as a professional fragrance products manufacture combines product design, fragrance research and tooling development.

Shamood has been long held great reputation and experience as a successful fragrance products supplier to the customers from all over the world with quality, stylish designs and competitive price.

As a result of our excellent quality, stylish designs, and competitive price, our products are available all over the world, such as USA, Europe, Middle East, Western Africa, Southern America. Our highly experienced technical team is supporting the production and is responsible for the innovation in fragrances. We are using high quality fragrance essential oils from famous suppliers around the world.


Lead the global aromatic industry.

We must strive unconditionally to keep leading domestic market,and meanwhile we must spare no efforts to compete with the international industry giants.


Devoted to offering customers with top-quality aromatic products,and popularizing them to every filed and even to every corner of the globe.


Always customer-centered

Always be innovative

Good team spirit

Everyone an indispensible member of Shamood


Shamood has always been passionate about maintaining the excellent quality of its products. We do rigorous testing and quality control procedures to ensure they consistently met or exceeded our high standards for fragrance, strength, and longevity. Shamood is committed to produce high-quality, long-lasting and affordable products providing the best fragrance experience possible.


Initiation of the company with the registered name Sanmen Yuanzhuo House Products Factory specialized in the production of plastic and metal gifts.


The factory was relocated to Ninghai Science and Technology Park,Zhejiang,China and renamed Shamood Daily Use Products Co.,Ltd.
Since then, it has gradually transferred its business to aromatic products,for example the production,research and development of household-and-automobile-oriented aromatic products.


Ningbo Borui Import&Export Co.,Ltd was officially unveiled and thus engaged in comprehensive import and export business of its own independent products.


Initiation of FECHII to develop downstream business-the production of aromatic materials.


The initiation of Ningbo Vanstone Trading Development Co.,Ltd to develop domestic channels for aromatic products. Recently,Vanstone has built successful sales channels in Guangzhou,Xinjiang,Beijing,Shanghai etc.
Since then,Borui Group has officially come into being.As an innovative aromatic product manufacturer, the company integrates R&D,marketing both at home and abroad,own brand product production and OEM , and upstream-downstream industries.


Shamood cooperated with Max.Ex Brands USA with a commitment of bringing innovation in the air freshener and started working on the new home collection.

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